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June 23, 2024

My family and I have had interesting experiences while vacationing in Mexico!

In Ensenada we were given a hotel suite for a reasonable price.  It was a beautiful room, but why was it so inexpensive?  That night we discovered why.  It was above the bar, thus Mexican music kept Nancie, our little baby and me awake all night!    

On a trip to Mazatlan I went snorkeling in the bay and sea urchins stuck painfully to my feet.  I hobbled back on the hot pavement to where we were staying, and Nancie took me to the hospital where the doctor pulled out the stickers.  My screams resounded throughout the hospital halls!

One year my family and I went to Yucatan.  I loved the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza.  A young fellow traveler called it Chicken Pizza.  We also loved the Xcaret water park where we floated on inner tubes on an underground river that led to an ancient Mayan port.

One Sunday morning in Mexico I went for a run, and as I passed people I asked, “Iglesia Bautista?”  People pointed the way to a Baptist Church.  My family and I went there that morning.  We couldn’t understand a word that was being said, but it was a blessing to worship with people who loved Jesus.

I like to think of the various places my family and I have visited.  In each place we had a marvelous time, even when there were screams and loud music!  But everywhere we went, we had Jesus with us.  No place was beyond his reach, his protection and his love.

As you recreate yourself this summer, don’t forget to take Jesus with you.  Sunday I’m preaching on “Be Fulfilled in Your Recreation” from Psalm 81.  We’ll talk about “Sing for Joy,” verses 1-10; and “Let God Satisfy You,” verses 11-16.

Please come to church Sunday and get fulfilled with us!

With love in Christ,

Jim Meek


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